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Climbing Technology D-Shape
Old price: 9.40

Discounted price: 8.46 (Including tax)

You save: 0.94

Please contact us for availability

D-SHAPE   D-shape light alloy carabiner with straight gate, conceived for use in alpinism, hauling and rescue operations: directional shape that increases the...[more]

Climbing Technology Q-link Stainless Steel 08
Old price: 9.80

Discounted price: 8.82 (Including tax)

You save: 0.98

Please contact us for availability

Q-LINK Stainless Steel 08 Corrosion proof and high breakling strength for the different axes, it is ideal for use off-shore and diving. Fastening the screw with a wrench, it can be...[more]

Climbing Technology Mag Chalkcoal
Old price: 11.00

Discounted price: 9.90 (Including tax)

You save: 1.10

Please contact us for availability

Mag Chalkcoal Grey colour chalk powder, less visual impact, respect for the aesthetic integrity of rocks, especially in protection areas like Natural Parks, that prevent the...[more]

Pages:   1 2 3 4 5 6    Range: