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Climbing Technology Finch
Old price: 93.00

Discounted price: 83.70 (Including tax)

You save: 9.30

Please contact us for availability

FINCH   Positioning lanyard that is adjustable, compact, easy to use and available in three different lengths (2, 3 and 5 m) without terminal connector. It can be...[more]

Petzl Pro Traxion P51
Old price: 97.00

Discounted price: 87.30 (Including tax)

You save: 9.70

Please contact us for availability

PRO TRAXION Very efficient self-jamming pulley The PRO TRAXION is designed for hauling heavy loads with maximum efficiency and is ideal for big wall climbing...[more]

Kong Back-Up
Old price: 105.00

Discounted price: 94.50 (Including tax)

You save: 10.50

Please contact us for availability

A new mobile fall arrester from Kong that follows the operator in both directions. With its unique locking cam configuration, the Back-Up supports fall factor 2 falls in a semi-dynamic way,...[more]

Climbing Technology Sparrow
Old price: 150.83

Discounted price: 135.75 (Including tax)

You save: 15.08

Please contact us for availability

SPARROW The SPARROW is an innovative self-braking descender for rope access work, the results of an intensive R&D work. The Sparrow is a leading product in CT’s range...[more]

Petzl I'd S D20 S
Old price: 176.20

Discounted price: 158.58 (Including tax)

You save: 17.62

Please contact us for availability

I'D S Self-braking descender with anti-panic function for working on fixed ropes   Designed for work on a rope: the gate on the swinging side plate helps prevent...[more]

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