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All Carabiners

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Climbing Technology Wire
Old price: 5.99

Discounted price: 5.39 (Including tax)

You save: 0.60

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WIRE   Light alloy connector with wire straight gate and very large step. The wire gate reduces the "open gate" in the event of a fall and impact against the...[more]

Climbing Technology Pillar Steel SG
Old price: 6.83

Discounted price: 6.15 (Including tax)

You save: 0.68

Please contact us for availability

PILLAR STEEL SG Hardened zinc plated steel oval screw gate CATCH-FREE connector. Innovative profile, symmetrical with large gate opening. The ideal connector for the...[more]

Climbing Technology D-Shape
Old price: 9.40

Discounted price: 8.46 (Including tax)

You save: 0.94

Please contact us for availability

D-SHAPE   D-shape light alloy carabiner with straight gate, conceived for use in alpinism, hauling and rescue operations: directional shape that increases the...[more]

Climbing Technology Q-link Stainless Steel 08
Old price: 9.80

Discounted price: 8.82 (Including tax)

You save: 0.98

Please contact us for availability

Q-LINK Stainless Steel 08 Corrosion proof and high breakling strength for the different axes, it is ideal for use off-shore and diving. Fastening the screw with a wrench, it can be...[more]

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